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How can we work together to make your home great? These are some of my architectural services.

I’ve created a few key ways to make it simpler for you to get it right … for your home, your site, your budget and your life.

Whether you want DIY or Done-For-You, I can be your secret ally, your coach, your auditor or your architect – you choose.

Click on the images below, and get in touch to tell me more about your project. I’d love to hear more…

Your Reno Roadmap

My comprehensive group program to totally simplify the journey of renovating. There’s also expert guidance and support from me along the way – so you’re confident and empowered from start to finish.

UA Design Audit

The second opinion that’s honest, informed and experienced – so you know you’ll get it right. Rescue the design before the building starts, and those decisions become your permanent home.

UA Reno Rescue

Unlock what’s possible in transforming your home and start well. A concept design, a reality check, and an action plan – to save time, money, avoid the heartache, and make your renovation all worth it.

I also create new home designs – please email me with your enquiry. Let’s talk about your home and what support you’re seeking.

What others say about Undercover Architect

We found Undercover Architect to be very responsive to our needs

Amelia attended our second inspection of a property we were considering to buy, and gave us advice on-the-spot.

We sought advice on what we could do to the house to bring it to a standard we could use but without over-capitalising.

We are novices when it comes to building ideas and value for money. The UA Road Map was set at a price point that was not too high and so our downside was limited. We were able to try something with limited risk and with the potential upside of assisting our decision making.

UA had an appreciation of the likely costs [of renovating] and of how the existing house may be modified to maximise its aspect.

Another valuable insight was that UA was independent of the selling agent.

We found Undercover Architect to be very responsive to our needs. This commenced from the initial contact to subsequent phone calls, an on-site meeting, on the spot advice and final follow up including sketches and conclusions.

In addition to getting some professional advice on ideas and possible enhancements, we also found UA to be very personable and would have no hesitation recommending the service.

Fiona and Ninian

I have gained confidence in my ability to move forward with my project.

Amelia has provided me with the confidence to move forward with my renovation plans by simplifying the process. I’m starting to plan and organise my project with a start date in mind. I’m no longer procrastinating.

With the ideas and extensive knowledge of Undercover Architect, I am able to begin the building project without hesitation or fear of the unknown. Thank you Amelia

Lisa Joel

She listened to me, understood where we were coming from, and had our best interests at heart.

I am so pleased I chose to do the UA Road Map with Amelia. I constantly churn over options in my mind and have been somewhat paralysed by it all. After following Amelia’s blog for some time I decided a UA Road Map might help me clarify my thinking.
Amelia was great. I had to complete a questionnaire before our session. That alone was worth her fee! The questions really made me think about what we are trying to achieve. It made for some really constructive discussions with my husband!
Then to top it off, the session with Amelia was great fun and incredibly worthwhile. We talked about the bigger picture of the house, and she challenged my thinking on next steps. She also had some valuable and unexpected suggestions. She says she can be blunt, but I didn’t find her to be blunt – just frank and direct. Thank you for that! I also very much felt she listened to me, understood where we were coming from, and had our best interests at heart.
For anyone considering a UA Road Map, I can highly recommend it. I haven’t told her yet, but I’m planning on doing a UA Reno Rescue with her too.”

Tina Lissette

She was rapidly able to see the solution to a problem that I was finding challenging

I recently commissioned a UA Road Map from Amelia Lee and was very pleased with the experience. Amelia’s professionalism and wide experience in the industry gave me confidence in my decisions. She was very rapidly able to see the solution to a problem that I was finding challenging. I appreciated her design skills and guidance in choice of colours for my home. My UA Road Map helped me prioritise the most important renovations. I can highly recommend you gift yourself a UA Road Map too.”

Ankya Klay

Amelia has been untiringly focussed on our needs and our budget

Amelia from Undercover Architect provided a UA Design Audit of concept design architecture of a home extension. She also provided professional guidance on the management of the other Architect’s services. He assistance was invaluable and we were able to confirm our belief that we were being let down and that our project was off track.

We decided to appoint UA to complete a new concept design for our extension. Amelia has been untiringly focussed on our needs and our budget. She has now progressed to detailed design. We cannot speak highly enough of her level of engagement in our project, her ability to listen and her ability to convert our ideas into sound concepts.

Adrian Howard

Amelia can certainly let you know if there is a gap between your dream and reality

Amelia was appointed to design a bespoke house that would both fit the specific requirements of our family as well as the site and budget requirements given to her.

A number of the requirements given to her were in direct competitive tension with each other however she creatively produced and optioned outcomes that not only achieved what we wanted but also required few compromises.

Her ability to listen and respond through coordinated design is magnificent and she also brings realism through her experiences and can certainly let you know if there is a gap between your dream and reality.

We have now used Amelia for two very different house designs and have had two very successful projects.

Darryl Coalter

We always thought that architects were out of our reach, but Amelia has given us a lot more than we thought was possible …

Amelia drew up a plan for us which was perfect and it felt like she knows how we live, when we have never even met her.

Her knowledge is second to none and her communication skills are brilliant.

If we asked her a question, every question was answered and it was answered thoroughly, even more than we expected to get.

Not only did she provide us with a plan on paper but a video so that we could walk through our house together with voice commentary.

If we had any issues, Amelia would mark them up on the plan so we could get our measurements correct.

We always thought that architects were out of our reach, but Amelia has given us a lot more than we thought was possible in the price we paid.

We have learnt so much about building from Amelia as she makes you aware of everything that can go wrong or be done incorrectly.

We will definitely be recommending Amelia to everyone.

The Burke family

We would not make a single decision without further consultation

Amelia from Undercover Architect came into our home that we had recently purchased and saw where we were wanting to take it straight away.

She brought to our attention design ideas that we had never even thought were possible and encouraged us to think outside our comfort zone (right down to paint colour).

This has helped enormously.

We would not make a single decision without further consultation. Simple ideas and advice, [through]  to major structural solutions.

My husband and I both felt that Amelia was amazing the way she walked in, assessed us individually and as a couple, and then also our home in a matter of moments (literally). We both felt she really ‘got’ our dilemmas or design goals.

We look forward to working with Amelia again in the near future as we will certainly not be making any decisions without her guidance. I only wish we could build something from the ground up with her!

Lucy Larsson

I thank you for understanding us

I have been looking at your design over and over, and I believe you are a very clever lady.

It is a very simple design but it works so well for us.  The kitchen is certainly huge, wow!!

You truly do want people to live in a greatly designed home that is functional.

I really love the whole design!! I thank you again for understanding us, and being able to draw up a plan that we both love to bits and can see us living there!

Renee and Peter Burke

This is my dream home

The space is so peaceful and the area so quiet and the light is so awesome.

Thank you for everything you did to make this place what it is for us.

I know I told you from the beginning that this was not my dream home by my function home. Well, I stand corrected.

In this time and place and for everything that I want and need, this is my dream home. Thank you for creating that for me.

Clare Anderson