Resources you can use to set your renovation or building budget

Want to learn about the online and offline resources you can use to set your renovation or building budget? There are many resources, online and offline that you can use

How to include a study nook, study or home office in your home design

  2.05.2017   Amelia   Design, Podcast   No comments

Listen to this episode to learn how to get it right in your study nooks, studies and home offices. Creating a study nook, study or home office, where this work

Kids bedrooms, guest bedrooms and other bedroom spaces

  25.04.2017   Amelia   Design, Podcast   2 Comments

How to get it right in kids bedrooms, guest bedrooms and other bedrooms spaces. Known as ‘secondary bedrooms’, there’s lots to know to get it right. This episode is all

Wardrobes, linens, laundries and mudrooms

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In this episode, I talk about wardrobes, linens, laundries and mudrooms. I also cover walk-in robes and other storage such as broom cupboards. These spaces can be important to get

Bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms

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This episode is about the wet areas in our home, namely bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms. These are cost intensive areas in our home. They, as well as our kitchens,

How to find out if your Brisbane home is pre 1946

Do you know why “pre-1946” is so important when renovating or building in the Brisbane City Council area? Well – did you know that the first recorded aerial photograph of Brisbane

Bedroom Number 1 | Your master suite

  4.04.2017   Amelia   Design, Podcast   8 Comments

The main bedroom of the house … Bedroom Number 1. This can be simply a bedroom, or it can be arranged in combination with extra or attached spaces such as

Connecting with your ‘why’ when buying a home (from a UA reader)

Are you buying a home? Or making big choices about your renovation or building project? Connecting with your ‘why’ is a great way to simplify things.  I received this beautiful

All things kitchens (including butlers, walk-in pantries and appliance cupboards)

  28.03.2017   Amelia   Design, Podcast   12 Comments

There’s a huge amount to consider when it comes to designing your kitchen. And more than any other area of your home, you can feel a lot of pressure that

Read this before hiring friends or family for your renovation or new home

If you’re planning on using friends or family as builders or tradespeople, here’s a word of warning. Watch this video to find out. And here’s the transcript, if you prefer