What can we learn from Channel 7’s “House Rules”?

If you’re planning a renovation or new build, there are some things to learn from Channel 7’s “House Rules” … About what to do – and what not to do!

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If you’re planning on using friends or family as builders or tradespeople, here’s a word of warning. Watch this video to find out. And here’s the transcript, if you prefer

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How and when should you get your renovation or new home project quoted?  The saying goes that renovating and building costs twice as much and takes twice as long as

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What will it cost me to renovate or build my home? This is one of THE MOST common questions I get asked by homeowners. Frustrated homeowners … who … don’t

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Are you Pinteresting your way into overwhelm? Here’s how to get started with renovating or building (and stop procrastinating). At the beginning of every project is the excitement of what’s

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Renovating a Queenslander: Back to the drawing board (but not back to square one) The last time we caught up with Michelle and Sarah, we found out that their inner