How to create great outdoor living spaces, decks, alfresco areas and pools

Want some great tips about how to get it right in planning your outdoor living areas, alfresco, deck and swimming pool? That’s what this podcast episode is all about.

In so many parts of the world – and especially here in Australia – we’re blessed with a great climate.

This helps us really expand the interior of our homes into the garden around them.

So let me share some great tips with you to get it right in planning your outdoor living spaces.

Whether you live in a large home on a big block of land, a compact home on an urban block, or in an apartment, this much is true. Having a great outdoor living space can do wonders for how your home feels.

Adding a deck on, or improving your outdoor area to create a space to live outdoors and entertain, is one of the more common renovations that people do to their home. And getting it right when you’re building new is one of the keys to helping your home flow, and to making the most of your home and your site.

Many places around the world, including Australia, have a great climate where outdoor living is a big part of enjoying our homes. Maximising the use of our outdoor spaces is a great way to expand the experience of your home – to make it feel larger and more spacious – and help you feel better in it.

Research shows that connection with nature is fundamental to our wellbeing too. So it makes sense on lots of levels to create outdoor spaces for your home that are useful, functional and enjoyable to be in.

I take you through the four F’s to help you think about what will work for your new home or renovation. I also share 3 mistakes to avoid, and 3 key design tips to consider for your project. And I talk a little about swimming pools to help you if you’re planning one for your place.

The top 3 mistakes I’ll share are:

Mistake #1:    choosing high maintenance materials for your outdoor living spaces
Mistake #2:   making the connection to the garden difficult
Mistake #3:   thinking that bifold doors are the best way to get a great indoor / outdoor connection

There are also lots of design tips. Here are the top 3:

Design tip #1:   provide spaces other than a table to sit at in your outdoor living spaces
Design tip #2:   don’t compromise your indoor living spaces to accommodate an outdoor one
Design tip #3:   remember to design in privacy

Listen to the podcast now, and learn how to get it right.

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And if you want to learn more about how to design your home, I’ve created a special (and free!) e-guide for you. It’s called “How to Design a Home: 5 Simple Steps to Getting it Right”.


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