Get Started: What are you allowed to do?

In this episode, let’s talk about question 2.

This question is “What are you allowed to do?”  More specifically, it’s “What does your local authority or council say you’re allowed to do?”

Council rules and regulations can seem like a complete minefield to many homeowners.

It can be a complete dampener on your plans if you let it … but I promise you, it doesn’t have to be like this.

There will be planning regulations as well as building regulations, determining what you can and can’t do in your project.

Your local council will enforce planning regulations and help control how your suburbs and streets will look.

In some councils, if your project meets all their rules, you don’t need any council approval. Or you’ll have a fast-track option to get your approval. Some councils will require a Development Application for all types of work. (A “Development Application”, or DA, is Council’s formal permission to proceed with any work.)

The best place to start is your local council’s website. There’s usually fact sheets, or flow charts starting with “Do I need a Development Application?” that will help you get some information for your project.

There are also building regulations that govern how your project can be constructed. These operate at a national level, with state variations.

Generally, you’ll need a Building Approval to commence construction. This is when your project is formally checked against these building regulations. A Building Certifier (or Private Certifier) can assist you with these approvals.

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