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The client needed a home that would see her teenage children through the end of their schooling, and in the future provide three adults with shared, but independent and flexible living. They also sought to capitalise on the views and inherent ‘value’ features of the site.

The existing cottage on the property was oriented to the street behind, with access from the footpath via a bridge. It floated above its garden with no relationship to its surroundings, closed down visually and physically.

I sought an outcome that protected the character of the original dwelling and its contribution to the streetscape on its original street frontage.

Utilising a similar approach explored in other of my renovation projects, the existing dwelling underwent minor alterations and a new pavilion was added.

The dual street access provided the opportunity to create a new street address to Shakespeare, and so the contemporary extension was able to become the ‘front’ of the dwelling (the ‘before’ image was the previous street elevation to Shakespeare St which I radically updated!).

The extension creates new living and sleeping spaces that maximise the solar orientation, views and inherent qualities of the site.

The double height outdoor room and the bridge/study zone create the transition between the old and new, and enable a visible threshold where the existing dwelling was left intact and simply refurbished.

Living areas are located on the lower floor, capitalising on the solar orientation and enabling a strong connection between interior and exterior spaces and use of the surrounding garden to create functional and enjoyable outdoor living areas.

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