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Clever internet squirrels are working away to create a beautiful new home for it. It will include member-only content, some other exciting changes, and continue to be THE ULTIMATE online program to help your reno be a success.

Read on for more info about Your Reno Roadmap …

Planning to renovate your home?

It’s not a case of if you’ll get lost … it’s when.

What if you didn’t have to make the journey alone?

So you’re excited for your home to finally be a relaxing place for you and your family. Somewhere you can be proud of. That reflects all your hard work. A home to share and make memories. And to never have to talk about renovating again!

But alongside that excitement sits nerves and stress. Nerves about blowing your budget. Things taking longer than expected. Knowing there’s a heap of unknowns. And so many horror stories.

You’re ultimately worried about stuffing it up. Having to live with the consequences or a home you wish you’d done differently. (And have to pay the mortgage on it as well!)

 Relax, it’s this way to your beautiful renovated home …

Here is the knowledge, guidance and support you need, to save you time, money and stress when renovating your home.

Your Reno Roadmap is the ultimate guide to a successful renovation. So what is it? Here’s a snapshot …


You start with a 1:1 Kickstart Session

This helps get you started on your reno plans efficiently. It also helps you get continued relevant and tailored advice throughout your membership. Ideas to inspire, and get you started in the best possible way.


There’s the online E-Course

Each lesson takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know to plan your renovation. From how to speak to council, through to how to know the builder is done. And everything in between.


And 1:1 support through the UA Village

Our private Facebook group is your place to get your questions answered, and learn from others on a similar renovation journey. With regular office hours, and a wealth of experience, there’s lots of great advice here.

Each of these three components in Your Reno Roadmap work together. They give you the knowledge and support you need to get it right, and make your reno a success. Here’s why I created this program …

More and more through my work in Undercover Architect, I’m meeting countless homeowners, especially women, who are spending so much time researching, exploring and investing for their renovation plans.

They’re doing it on their own. Googling into the wee hours. Pinteresting their little hearts out.

And it breaks my heart.

Because I can see how quickly and easily they can get overwhelmed, and totally inundated with all the information that’s out there.

Not knowing who to trust, what to believe and who to listen to. Hearing disaster story after disaster story.

Renovating snowballs into being this horrible overwhelming thing. Something we’ll do a lllloooonnnngggg way down the track. When we’ve got more time, and more money.


Meanwhile your house isn’t working. Your kitchen is dark and crappy. You can’t see the kids outside whilst you’re inside. Storage is bad … or non-existent.

Everything is a compromise.

But you’ve just got used to living with it.

Because renovating seems like this sort of thing that will happen at some point in the future.

And what I would love to tell you, if this is you … is “You don’t have to go it alone”.

Let me help. Be your guide, your coach, your secret ally.

I’ll teach you the steps you need to know and follow.

Right from the most important first steps … through to how to know your builder is finished and you can move back in. And everything in between. So you can get it right.

For me, it’s not good enough that homeowners feel horrible, and find that the whole renovating process is daunting, and nerve-wracking and overwhelming.

I want you to feel excited. I want you to feel in control, confident and empowered.

That’s what Your Reno Roadmap is all about.

So you can be equipped with the knowledge, tools and support you need to make your reno great. And empowered to make the whole journey of preparing and executing your renovation that much simpler. And so you feel more in control whilst you do it.

Who knows? You might find you can actually renovate sooner …

“I wish we’d waited longer to renovate our home.” – said No One ever

Why did we wait so long? This is fantastic. Look at what we’re living in. This just makes our lives so much better.” – says you, in your renovated home!

Here’s the detail about Your Reno Roadmap and what your membership includes.

Your Reno Roadmap program starts with your bonus Kickstart Session.

This is 1:1 advice to get started on your renovation in the most confident way.  Your questions answered, with tailored advice for your project.

Your Reno Roadmap Kickstart Session

Your Kickstart Session is a tailored, password-protected video recording from me to you, specific to you and your project.

  • When you join Your Reno Roadmap, you’ll be sent a link to a special survey to tell me more about you and your home.
  • When I get your survey response, I look at your home online, and prepare your individual reno assessment.
  • I then send you your tailored video recording, outlining what strategies I recommend for you to start your renovation project and design.

This will get you kicked off with specific, unique 1:1 advice for your home and your renovation – and ensure I can really support you throughout your project – knowing you and your home.

You can use your Kickstart session to get any type of info you need from me to get started on your reno.

Already got plans from another designer? I can review them. Don’t even know where to start? I’ll lay out a strategy and next action steps. Your questions. My answers.

(See below in the FAQs for more detail about what happens in a Kickstart Session – it’s yours as your bonus to use in the first 90 days of your membership. I recommend to get the most from it and the program overall, you use it straight away).

“Besides the information, this course has given me a sense of confidence and a sense of having someone there who will help me. Undercover Architect – you’re very honest. You’re very knowledgable and you’re available as some who wants to help.  For someone like me … that’s enormously reassuring.”

- Wendy, member since 2015.

Your Reno Roadmap includes my super comprehensive, online e-course: “30 Days to Reno Ready”.

Your Reno Roadmap - Course Dashboard

You’ll learn the step-by-step process I’ve used to save time, money and stress … again and again. Delivered in video, audio, transcripts, written guides, checklists, worksheets, summaries …

This fantastic online course exists in its own website, and you get a private, secure login to see it all.

And it’s made available as a downloadable Your Reno Roadmap Toolkit PDF Guide – over 200 pages – yours to keep FOREVER!

It’s broken into 4 modules, which cover the 4 stages of every renovation project (whether your budget is $50,000 or over $1,000,000).

Where to begin before you design (1)

Module 1

You want to be well-prepared before you hit ‘go’ on planning your renovation. You can be really excited, and then get frustrated and confused by the process, the terminology, all the different professionals, and just how many choices you need to make to even get going. Making mis-steps in those early days can fundamentally change your journey overall, and send you in a wrong (and expensive) direction.

Instead, what if you could be strategic? Have all your ducks in a row, understand the overall process and who you’ll actually need to get on board (and how to budget for them).

You’ll get comprehensive info and tips on …

  • How to access your local rules;
  • How to define your big picture goals;
  • How to set a realistic reno budget for your asset, and
  • How to determine the best renovation strategy for your home.

Where to begin before you design

Module 2

Homeowners constantly tell me “I just want to get it right”.

Yet, when you start designing your renovation, what happens is you’re checking off a list of wants and needs, you’re twisting and contorting your existing house to make it happen, and you end up with just bigger versions of the problems you already have – costing more and taking more time.

What if you could tap into what’s already working in your property and maximise its potential? Make your home feel spacious, calm and peaceful, without having to make it huge and costly. And have the means to explain it to your team of professionals.

I’ll teach you (and provide actionable steps and great resources):

  • How to recognise the maximum existing potential offered by your property
  • How to plan the perfect sized spaces for your lifestyle
  • How to create spaciousness
  • How to calculate your budget


Module 3

You can be so desperate to get on site and start construction that the last minute details get put off. Then what happens is you’re making decisions ‘on the fly’, juggling them with a busy lifestyle, or handing over the decision-making to others who aren’t clear on your true wishes. You’re stressed and feeling like you’re not getting it right because you’re making decisions with limited choices under pressure. Or you’re throwing money at it to get it sorted.

Imagine instead knowing at various points along your project what your costs are going to be? Adjusting as you go, seeking savings and developing great, trusted partnerships with your team. So when construction starts, everyone has all the information they need, and you know it’s all included in your costs.

You’ll learn the nitty-gritty of …

  • How to recognise opportunities to maximise natural light, heating and cooling
  • How to choose appropriate and sustainable lighting and power solutions
  • How to get accurate pricing for your renovation
  • How to get your plans drawn efficiently


Module 4

This is where everything comes to a head, and where your life can be most significantly disrupted. Usually you’ve moved out – with friends or family – or you’re paying rent (and a mortgage) and watching your beloved family home be ripped apart and put back together. You’ll feel like your haemorrhaging money as the invoices come thick and fast. And each delay can have a domino effect on your life overall.

Instead, what if your construction could be drama-free? Working with a trusted team who are so clear on what you want, they can all get on with what they’re great at. And they simply hand you the keys when it’s all ready for you to move back into your beautiful, transformed home?

We’ll go through in detail …

  • How to find and work with your professional team, builder and tradespeople
  • How to effectively manage work on site
  • How to get the best bang for your buck from a tight budget
  • How to stay sane during construction

There’s also checklists, funsheets and action steps along the way to implement your learning and build your toolkit for your project. Picture you ticking things off, feeling you’re accomplishing big steps in planning your reno, and getting it right.

Plus online workshops and bonuses that dive into more detail.

No stone left unturned. All the information you need to make your reno great.

“30 Days to Reno Ready is an amazing resource. I would highly recommend. Not only is Amelia knowledgeable in her field, she’s a real person who has done it herself! Tried and tested. The personal aspect she adds to her program makes it even better than just an APP or an online course.”

- Tara, member since 2014.

Your membership also includes your support network, the UA Village.

A private Facebook Group where you can learn from others and get your questions answered by me.

Your Reno Roadmap The UA Village Private Facebook Group

A lot happens in The UA Village! It’s a place where you can learn more, ask questions (of me and others in the program) and learn from the experience of other renovators – on the same journey as you.

Every Friday, I run ‘office hours’ where I’m available all day to answer your questions. I have one rule – there’s no such thing as a silly question!

Here’s some snapshots of recent posts – you can see it’s a range of personalised advice (delivered via screen recordings or videos), links to relevant projects, behind-the-scenes on current projects of mine, and other helpful info only available here.

(I see, am exposed to, and learn about lots of different projects, materials and products everyday. One of the reasons I include the Kickstart session is so I can know your home, and your project – and can then share info in the UA Village that’s relevant to you and your renovation.)

They say it takes a village to raise a child – well, I think a village helps with most things in our life – and The UA Village is no exception!





“Amelia’s expertise is second to none. Her experience in the industry and depth of knowledge is profound, while her designs and concepts are practical, thoughtful and completely user friendly. I recommend this program for not just the amateur, but also the seasoned, the professional,  the consultant, the contractor or the builder – one can never have enough knowledge or insight into the renovation process.”

- Cassandra, member since 2014.


When I brought home this little munchkin from hospital (he’s now 9), I temporarily left my role as a Project Architect. I’d been managing big projects worth millions of dollars, and dealing with tradespeople and builders on a daily basis.

We were doing our second renovation project at the time. Tradespeople turned up, not knowing I was an architect. I was a mum-with-a-baby-on-my-hip. And wow, was I treated differently.

It was eye-opening. For the first time in my career, I got incredible insight into the experience that most homeowners – you – have when renovating. I was gobsmacked.

I could see how easily, as a non-professional, you could be bamboozled, misled, given crappy advice, and done over. And ultimately, not get what you were paying for, or dreaming of.

It wasn’t good enough. There had to be a better way. Your Reno Roadmap IS that way.

Here’s what some of the alumni have to say about the program …

How much is your membership to Your Reno Roadmap?

Every member of Your Reno Roadmap gets the highest level of support, guidance, attention and advice. This is about arming you with what YOU need to transform your home successfully, and feel confident and in control whilst you do. And I also want you to benefit from having a community of equal members to share your journey.

This program is unmatched by any other. Each component sets you up for a great reno project – with me as your secret ally the whole way through.

There’s one price – with two choices in how to pay it. One comprehensive program chokkas with incredibly empowering advice and information, and one premium membership experience for all members.

It’s hard to quantify the total value and impact of this program – because when you know what’s inside, the information and my support during your membership can save you tens of thousands of dollars or more. (Seriously – it can).

Plus the emotional and mental relief of having an online (real) partner for your project who totally ‘gets’ where you’re at, and how to help.

But here’s an outline for the number-crunchers …

This price includes:

  • Your Bonus Kickstart Session to set Your Reno journey in the best possible way (valued at $1,295)
  • Your digital e-course “30 Days to Reno Ready” (valued at $4,850)
  • Your 3 year membership to the program
  • This includes 3 years membership to the private Facebook group, The UA Village (seriously, this one is priceless)
  • Weekly question times, support and guidance from me (via the Facebook group)
  • 4 online workshops to highlight case studies and how to’s (valued at $1,875)
  • Checklists and action funsheets for each lesson, which build to a comprehensive Your Reno Portfolio (valued at $2,760)
  • Immediate access to all 30 days of digital e-course content
  • The entire program is downloadable as digital pdfs for you to keep always – transcripts, checklists, outlines, worksheets to use ALWAYS


Got a question or doubt? The answer may be here in these FAQs …

When does the program start, and what happens once I pay and join?

Your Reno Roadmap starts NOW! Once you hit “BUY NOW”, you’ll be taken through to a page to purchase the your spot in program via Paypal – based on which payment option you choose.

When you join, I’ll be emailing you to let you know your personal login details. You can login and see your welcome, and a special bonus lesson to get you started.

Once logged in, you’ll also have immediate access to the course material – pdf guides, videos, audio, checklists, worksheets.

More bonuses and online workshops will be delivered throughout your first month of membership.

At any point if you have questions, you an email me on [email protected]

How long will it take me to get through the modules?

The four modules cover 30 days of topics. Each topic takes 15 – 20 minutes to read / listen to / watch / digest. Some topics have worksheets to put into action what you’ve learnt, and others are for information. Previous alumni have worked through each day quite easily, and others have chunked through it in a weekend!

Where does the course ‘live’?

The digital e-course (which is the “30 Days to Reno Ready” e-course) lives in a membership website. When you join the program, you’ll be given a specific login and password to access this website. Once you login, you’ll see each day of the program – ready for you straight away.

And of course, each lesson includes one or more downloadable pdfs for you to save and keep for always.

I’m not starting my reno yet – do I really need this info now?

My experience is that, the better prepared you are for your renovation, the more smoothly it goes overall. And when you do start, you’ll be stepping out in an informed, confident way, with clarity about how and where to go. I’ve had homeowners 2 years out from their renovation do this course and love it … as well as those planning to start sooner.

I think this is too late for me – I’m about to start construction (or am some way through my design etc)

I find the biggest mistakes that homeowners make are because you don’t know what you don’t know. Even during construction, there are so many questions and decisions to make. If you are the one managing your builder, the Facebook group will alone recoup your investment in this program. Imagine having me to help you each Friday? That’s a key way to save money and stress, and help run a smoother project on site.

I’m working with an architect / draftsperson / building designer / builder – do I need to know this stuff?

That depends on the type of client and homeowner you want to be. If you’re happy to trust your professional implicitly and be guided by them, then it’s probably not necessary.

If you want to be involved, informed and educated so you can actively make decisions and contribute to your project overall, then yes. Alumni have worked with professionals, and BEEN professionals (interior designers and town planners have done this course) and found it invaluable as a tried and tested system to follow.

There are homeowners in the program who are working with architects and other designers, and use the Kickstart Session and the UA Village to get my second opinion as their design options are presented. Or an example is, as happened recently, a homeowner’s first estimates came in over budget, so they asked me what could be done to bring the costs down based on their current design. I prepare a recording that gets posted in the UA Village providing tips and ideas that everyone can benefit from.

Homeowners in the program may only be working with an architect or designer for part of the project, and want support the whole way through. And they may want to simply be super informed so they can make better choices, be a better client, and get a better outcome.

I don’t have time to do the program …

Renovating a home – getting prepared, and doing the renovation – is a marathon, not a sprint. If you don’t have time to do the program, then please work with a professional who can support you in your renovation journey. Otherwise, you’ll waste lots of time figuring out what to do, what to focus on, and how to make the best decisions and choices. And if you don’t have time to do the program, you certainly don’t have time to waste making mistakes and mis-steps.

I’m not on Facebook – so how will I get the ongoing support?

It’s great if you can be on Facebook, to use the office hours each week. The digital e-course lives in a private membership website that you’ll get a specific password and login to. All the online workshops are there, and other bonus material and information. Usually I find that, in a couple, one may be on Facebook and the other isn’t. You’re welcome to join your partner up to the UA Village instead – just send their email address to me. You can also use the ‘comments’ on the website lessons to get your questions answered.

I don’t have time to get through this information.

I’ll be honest, if you don’t have time now to learn, prepare and ready yourself for your Reno, it will be time you waste later during your project. The whole purpose of Your Reno Roadmap is to save you time and streamline the process overall. Investing now, to save later.

Do I really need to know this information – won’t things go wrong anyway?

Ask anyone who’s renovated whether they would have appreciated a step-by-step roadmap and a guide to support them along the way, and you’ll find your answer. (In my experience, when I mention this course to those who’ve renovated, their response is “Why on earth didn’t that exist when I renovated? It would have been SO helpful!”)

Why the membership? Can’t I just buy the course and work through it myself?

Last time I ran this course, I got feedback from the alumni that the information in “30 Days to Reno Ready” was amazing and so useful. But what they missed was that additional coaching beyond the program, particularly as they started to navigate their projects. The private facebook group, and online workshops, is all about helping you really consolidate what you’ve learnt, and basically having me on tap to nut out any issues as you navigate your renovation.

This is why I don’t have different tiers of pricing also – so everyone gets the same premium level of support and guidance throughout their membership.

What if I don’t want to have to refer to it on the computer all the time?

This is the very reason I have the entire course material packaged up as a downloadable PDF – Your Reno Roadmap Toolkit. If you’re anything like me, you like an excuse to buy awesome stationary. You can print out the entire course, and you can get a great binder, some dividers, and make it super organised and efficient to access – exactly how and where you need it. With spaces for your own notes, and things you’ll collect, such as business cards and piccies of ideas. (Or is it only me who would do that?!)

What happens in the Kickstart Session?

This is how the Kickstart Session happens at my end.

  • You complete your survey answers (within 90 days of joining the program – don’t worry, I’ll send you reminders!), and send me through any other info of about your home.
  • I then check your home online.
  • I look at real estate websites and mapping websites.
  • I also check your local Council’s website to see if there’s any relevant and individual info there for your home.
  • If you’ve sent drawings, photos or plans, I look at them.
  • I also look at your home in Sunseeker 3D – an augmented reality app that lets me see the sun’s movement at any time of year, any time of day.
  • I then prepare my assessment of your home – thinking about how I’d approach it if it were my project – and what may be the best way to renovate to minimise unknown surprises and get a great design result.
  • I then prepare your video – talking through all this info, what I’ve found, what to be aware of, what I recommend to consider.
  • I then upload this to Vimeo and password protect it. I send the link through, as well as a pdf that summarises the main points.

What you get: a huge jump-start on your project. Imagine starting with this expert guidance at the beginning. Me, sifting and filtering through all your confusion, and objectively looking at you, your family, your budget and your home – and letting you know action plan what will best suit all of it. (Audible sighs heard as you breathe out from the relief).

If I don’t like it, can I get my money back?

If you log in to the membership site and find it’s not for you, please contact me within 5 days of joining. As long as you haven’t downloaded more than the first 5 lessons of the program, then I’ll happily refund your money. (I can check this inside the online course). The introduction lesson contains an index to the entire program, so be sure to download it first. It will help you see the scope of the program, and whether you’ve made the wrong choice in joining. Get in touch on email if you have any questions.

Got another question?

Please email me at [email protected] – I’d be happy to answer it and help you.

It’s exciting to think about making your home your own – about putting your stamp on it, and fixing and improving all the things that frustrate and inconvenience you on a daily basis.

Your home can be great, whatever your budget. Let’s help you simplify renovating it. Invest a little in getting the best roadmap for your journey, before you invest a lot in renovating your home.

Be confident.  Have the insight, knowledge and structure for your journey.  Have the tools and info you need. Get it right. Make the work you’re about to do, all worth it. Enjoy it, save your time, stress, energy and money.


So join me in Your Reno Roadmap – the ultimate guide to a successful renovation!

Remember that when you join Your Reno Roadmap, you get:

  1. Your Bonus Kickstart Session
  2. Your digital e-course “30 Days to Reno Ready”
  3. Your 3 year membership to the program
  4. This includes 3 years membership to the private Facebook group, The UA Village
  5. Online workshops, weekly question times, support and guidance from me
  6. Checklists and action funsheets for each lesson, which build to a comprehensive Your Reno Portfolio
  7. Lots more bonuses and special goodies
  8. Immediate access when you join to all 30 days of digital e-course content
  9. The entire program is downloadable as digital pdfs – transcripts, checklists, outlines, worksheets

Undercover Architect helps and empowers homeowners (especially women) to get it right when designing, building and renovating their homes. With 20 years industry experience, working with clients and as a client myself, I’m on a mission to help you save time, money and avoid the heartache. Whoever you’re working with. Whatever your budget.

Your Secret Ally,

Amelia, UA x

I can’t wait to support and guide you in your renovation journey …

with Your Reno Roadmap

… Amelia, UA x

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