3 Mistakes to Avoid with Soil Tests

What’s a soil test? Why do you need one before renovating or building your new home? And what are the 3 mistakes I see homeowners make that can cause extra

Designing a Slow Home with Amelia Lee and Brooke McAlary of Slow Your Home

Are you interested in Slow Home design? And bringing your own personal ‘why’ to how your home is designed, and how it helps you live? This conversation may be for

Is your designer charging you to redraw your existing floor plans?

You already have existing floor plans of your home from when it was built. But the designer wants to charge you to redraw them … and in 3D? Is this

Simple renovation ideas to change the look of a brick home

Do you have a charmless brick home you want to change the look of? Is render your only option? Here’s some inspiration … In this post, I answer a recent

Do I need Council Approval for my renovation?

I received a question from a member of the UA Community: If I’m using a licensed Building Designer to draw up my renovation plans, will I still need Council Approval?

Why shouldn’t you change paint colours on an external corner?

And just what is an external corner on your home? A quick tip here … (and pardon my messy desk!) Head here to see 5 tips on how to choose external

My #1 tip to choose the right builder for you

There’s one clear thing to look for in choosing a builder – my #1 tip here. For more info, read this blog as well.

Tips for creating a spacious (yet compact) bedroom

Some quick tips about how to plan your secondary bedrooms (ie, not the master bedroom) … and what size to make them.

Help! My neighbour is submitting plans to Council!

So your neighbours are planning to renovate or build. Or subdivide their block of land. Perhaps you get a quiet invitation for a drink and their plans (as subtle as

Choosing a good builder

A question I often hear is: “How do you choose a good builder? Or is it just luck?” I don’t believe that choosing a good builder is just luck. I recommend: