How to create a family friendly garden

A little while back, I was contacted by Naomi Wynn of Balance Garden Design. She’s a Brisbane-based horticulturalist and garden designer. And not only will she design your garden, she’ll install it

The Builder’s Wife gives her 5 top tips for pain-free building or renovating

Late last year, when I attended a conference called “Problogger“, I had the good fortune to connect and spend time with the gorgeous Nicole Cox. I knew her from her

Do you need a Project Manager for your renovation or building project?

As busy people with busy lives, renovating or building a home can be massively disruptive to our already-very-full schedules. And as with anything you do for the first time, it

Urban Journey: How to get it right with landscape design

Alastair MacGregor is a Landscape Designer based in Perth, Western Australia, with a business called Urban Journey. Alastair and I connected via Instagram initially, and a mutual love of great-design-that-makes-your-life-better

Gina Ciancio of Style Curator builds her new home

If you’re building a new home, Gina of Style Curator shares her own journey, and her tips and tricks learnt along the way. Read the interview here … Gina Ciancio

Greener Kitchens: How to design and build a sustainable kitchen

How can you design and build a sustainable kitchen? Druce Davey of Greener Kitchens shares his extensive knowledge and insight into how to design and build a sustainable kitchen (or