Get Ready Fast – and Get it Right …

Undercover Architect’s 6 week E-Course can help.

If you’re like most homeowners who plan to build or renovate in the future, you may be worried about …

Being taken advantage of … Blowing your budget … The process taking forever … Not ending up with what you really want …

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

The “How to Get it Right with Your Reno or New Home” E-Course will simplify your entire project journey and ultimately help you to …

Feel confident about the steps you need to take in your project.

Understand how to keep things on budget and on time

Be in control of what you need to do to get it right in your home

Avoid the pitfalls of a reno-or-build-gone-wrong and keep your sanity!

Hello, I’m Amelia Lee, the Undercover Architect. As a wife, and mum to 3 young kids, and as an architect and serial renovator, I know the right home design can simplify your life, and be great for your family – now and always.

I also know personally the stress, frustration, satisfaction and joy of building and renovating your home – whilst juggling the busy demands of family life.

Over the last twenty (plus!) years, I’ve trained professionally, and built extensive experience through countless projects – clients’ and my own. I’ve learnt the lessons, so you don’t have to make the mistakes. Mistakes that can cost time, money and cause mountains of stress as you create your future home.

My goal is to simplify your project, and help you transform your home so it makes your life better – whatever your dreams, location or budget. I can’t wait to support you in your renovation and building journey!

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I highly recommend this to anyone who is about to renovate/build. Amelia gives such a thorough overview of the process from start to finish.

I came away with clear action steps for each part of the build. This knowledge has empowered me and given me direction as to what needs to be done next. I was grateful for the valuable handouts and forms that will assist us in the crucial planning stage.

I believe this has enabled me to navigate the myriad of questions and options that lay ahead of us with our renovation.

Jenny Fendler

My years of experience with homeowners just like you, has shown me that making mis-steps in the early planning days … and then continuing to make them … can fundamentally impact your reno or building project and send you in the wrong (and expensive) direction …

What if, instead …

  • You had all your ducks in a row BEFORE getting started…
  • You knew the right steps to take NOW in order to make your renovation or new home great?
  • You were clear and confident about how to SAVE YOURSELF time, money and stress along the way?
  • You could put yourself on the road to getting your reno or new home right, understanding how to navigate the process and pitfalls in order to create a home that FEELS FANTASTIC?

For 6 supercharged weeks, we’ll go through the exact steps you need to know

to Get it Right in Your Reno or New Home

Get it right from the start

Over 6 weeks, I’ll teach you the steps you need to know to have a great project – whether you’re building or renovating.

You’ll learn the right steps to take, from the start to finish, in order to save time, money and stress.

Get your questions answered

In order to keep it super effective, I’m keeping this BETA version small and interactive – with a max of 25 members.  I’ll answer your questions and share my best ideas and “bang-for-buck” tips that you can action immediately to make a BIG difference to your project.

Focus on what’s important

Over 6 weeks, delivered in weekly 1 hour LIVE Online Workshops (which will also be recorded so you can watch it later) I’ll take you through the steps involved in these 4 KEY stages to a great project:

  • Online Workshop 1: How to get started and where to begin
  • Online Workshop 2: Getting your design right
  • Online Workshop 3: What you absolutely must do before you start to build
  • Online Workshop 4: During the build… and beyond
  • Online Workshop 5: Q & A Session
  • Online Workshop 6: Q & A Session

AND we’ll also take a deep dive into the most important steps that will change the way you build and renovate – so you get some really great info to save time, money and stress. (You’ll get some juicy how-to in these deep dives that will seriously help you).

Each week, you’ll get the opportunity to ask me questions whilst we’re live and online. And in addition to this, you’ll get:

  • An onboarding survey so you can tell me about your home and your plans for it (so I know you and can help YOU personally)
  • Membership to a private Facebook group where you can ask me anything during your 6 week membership
  • Weeks 5 and 6 are purely dedicated to Q & A Live Sessions so you can ask away, and hear others’ questions as well
  • All Online Workshops will be recorded so if you can’t attend live, you can send your questions in, and watch it later
  • AND all information is downloadable for you to watch back and read at any time

Realise your dream … without the nightmares!

Renovating and building are an incredible opportunity to create a place, that’s uniquely yours, where you can be happy and relaxed with family and friends.

But between you and that dream of your beautiful home is a maze of overwhelming stress, blowouts and things-that-go-terribly-wrong!

Let me simplify the journey for you, and help you get it right so you can create that home you’re dreaming of.

With downloadable pdfs packed full of tips, know-how and valuable advice including:

  • design recommendations to get room sizes right

  • clear outlines of the overall process of renovating and building

  • schedules to save you time and money in who you need to hire (and who you don’t)

  • your shopping list to help you budget and save during your reno or build

  • how to choose and design lighting and power, and get free layouts done

Plus loads more … in just 6 short weeks, you’ll be equipped and empowered for your whole project. From start to finish!