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.Make the most of this time of year, and invest in your project learning and preparation.

Check out these fantastic BUNDLE OFFERS on Undercover Architect's much-loved Mini-Courses and DIY Courses.

These Undercover Architect Online Courses have been accessed by over 3,300 homeowners to help with planning their new homes and renovations!

Get ready for your project, learn more about designing your home, get it right in your budget or builder selection, or ensure you're making great interior design choices. There's something here to help you, whatever stage you're at, and whoever you're working with ...

- Amelia, UA x

Bundle #1

Mini-Course Bundle

Get Started Guide | Happy Home Design | Choose Your Builder | Set + Stick to Your Budget

Normally $168 to purchase >>> GET THIS BUNDLE FOR $68 [SAVE $100]

Bundle #2

DIY Course Bundle

Interior Design 101 | Home Design Masterclass

Normally $1,287 to purchase >>> GET THIS BUNDLE FOR $787 [SAVE $500]

Join now, and work through at your own pace, with no expiry on your access.

Here's more info about these bundles and the courses they include.

BUNDLE #1 includes these 4 mini-courses ...

Get Started Guide (normally $47)

So often I hear from homeowners "I want to renovate or build, but I have no idea where to start".

This mini-course outlines the first 7 steps any project must take, and gives you a clear pathway to move forward on your project planning. These steps can be taken at any time, no matter how far away your project is, and are essential in any project journey.

The mini-course contains a workshop, a fantastic Q & A session, plus some other bonuses including some checklists and sessions on determining your project cost and team.

(See more info about the Get Started Guide Mini-Course here).

Happy Home Design (normally $47)

This mini-course is brilliant for understanding the best way to get started on your home design, and learn the best design approach for your lifestyle desires, the unique qualities of your site, and what your budget will allow as well. So you'll get clarity on how to create a home that suits you now and for the long-term.

The mini-course contains a workshop, a fantastic Q & A session, plus some other bonuses including a video series on Sustainable Design, and how to determine what your site needs.

(See more info about the Happy Home Design Mini-Course here).

Choose Your Builder (normally $47)

When I hear issues about homeowners and the builders they're working with, it's often prefaced with "I suppose I naively trusted them". Choosing the right builder makes such a big difference in the quality of your home and the experience overall, and so this mini-course takes you through the best questions to ask or checks to make, so you can ensure you're bringing the right builder on board.

The mini-course contains a workshop, a fantastic Q & A session, plus some other bonuses including checklists and a video series on the top mistakes many make when choosing their builder.

(See more info about the Choose Your Builder Mini-Course here).

Set + Stick To Your Budget (normally $27)

Budget is a super tricky thing right now, and so many homeowners are struggling to know how to navigate it for their project. Or, they're leaving it too late to find out what their project will actually cost, well after they've invested time, effort and money, in the overall process.

This mini-course contains a workshop, fantastic E-Book with so much helpful info about setting and staying on budget (plus some myth-busting too!), and there's two great spreadsheet templates too. One for your budget, and one for your selections.

(See more info about the Set + Stick to Your Budget Mini-Course here).

BUNDLE #2 includes these 2 fantastic courses ...

Interior Design 101 (normally $397)

If you're keen to choose interior design fixtures and finishes that suit a family home, and will work for durability and performance, as well as look and feel great, 'Interior Design 101' is super helpful. With all the decisions you'll need to make, this course will help you navigate it more confidently and simply, know how to cut through the salesperson speak, and ensure you're selecting well for your future family home.

This course contains video interviews, full transcripts, plus the Kitchen Design Challenge and Bathroom Design info as well. You also get a bonus Interiors Selection Schedule.

(See more about the DIY Course 'Interior Design 101' here).

Home Design Masterclass (normally $890)

Whether you're working with a designer, or doing your own home design, this course steps you through the way I approach the design of any new home or renovation. Consider it an architect's 'how-to', that will help you create a floor plan that works for your family and your site. Plus, I share some key ways I create designs to stretch the budget, and what to consider in all the rooms and spaces of your home.

This course contains video workshops, all with full transcripts. Plus, there are some incredible bonuses including my workshop on how to start the right design, as well as my exclusive PLAN BOOK (not available anywhere else) that contains over 50 floor plan designs of new homes and renovations I've worked on over my career.

(See more info about the DIY Course Home Design Masterclass here).




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