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Are you planning your future family home?

Renovating or building your home, so it works for you now (and always), can be a big and overwhelming challenge.

It’s exciting to think about having a home that suits you and your family, and is uniquely yours.

But between you and your dreams are the unknowns, the fear of stuffing it up, and the potential cost blowouts.

Undercover Architect helps homeowners like you, all over Australia, get it right.

Whatever your dreams, location or budget, you’re in the right place to get the knowledge you need to make your home great.

I’m Amelia Lee, the Undercover Architect. Think of me as your secret ally. I’m not your regular architect.

My mission is to save you time, money and heartache when designing, building or renovating your home.

Through informing, supporting and guiding you, Undercover Architect can help you create a great home.

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