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What does a Building Designer do? | With Aaron Wailes of AWBD

What does a Building Designer do? And how they can help you when designing, building or renovating your home? In this episode, we’ll be diving into the role of Building

What does an Architect do? | With Shaun Lockyer of SLa

Ever wondered what does an Architect do when helping you design, build or renovate your home? The first interview in Season 04 is with Shaun Lockyer of Shaun Lockyer Architects,

Renovating and Building Professionals | Who Does What?

There’s so many professionals that can help you when renovating or building your home. Read on for a list, and an outline of who does what. Are you confused about

Undercover Architect shares communication tips on Sky News Real Estate

It was great to share some key tips about how to get communication right when building or renovating your home – on Sky News Real Estate’s Saturday morning program! You can

Know Your Team: What professionals will you need to build or renovate?

Season 4 of the podcast is called “Know Your Team”. In this season, we learn about the various professionals needed when building or renovating your home. Often homeowners tell me

How to Leave a Podcast Review at iTunes

Want to know how to leave a podcast review in iTunes? iTunes doesn’t make it very simple to leave a review on a podcast you love. However, reviews are what