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Got a question about your project?

As you can imagine, Amelia receives lots of questions from homeowners about their homes and projects.

She is unable to reply to each one individually. However, if the answer to your question is something she thinks can help many homeowners, she may blog about it, or post a response on Undercover Architect’s Facebook page. She will not provide a personalised response to your email.

There is a HUGE amount of super useful advice, info and inspiration freely available on the UA blog and the Get it Right podcast. These are Amelia’s commitment to giving every homeowner access to great, expert and professional guidance – whatever your dreams, location or budget. It’s unmatched as a hub for professional architectural advice. Please use the search tool (top right of every page) to find what you’re looking for.

Want Amelia’s help with your design, renovation or new home?

Undercover Architect is the award-winning online resource to help you learn how to design, build or renovate your home.

Amelia doesn’t offer individual consultations, or ‘look over’ drawings (you can check out the “Fix Your Floor Plan” service on Design by Amelia Lee for this), or provide recommendations for local professionals.

The best and most affordable way to get Amelia’s immediate 1:1 support, review and guidance for your project is by joining the online program Your Reno Roadmap, or other courses that are launched across each year. If you have any questions about this online programs, please get in touch with the contact form below.

Do you want Amelia to design your new home or renovation?

If you’re seeking 1:1 design services, Amelia works with a very limited number of clients per year (all across Australia) in her boutique design agency, Design by Amelia Lee. There is usually a 2 – 3 month waiting period to work with her in this way. You can head here to learn more and get in touch with her there.

Still have a question or would like to provide some feedback?

Please complete the contact form below, and we’ll respond to your query in the next few business days.

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