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Hello – I’m Amelia Lee, the Undercover Architect

As a wife and mum, architect and serial renovator, I know the right home design can simplify your life. Make it more fun, more beautiful, more convenient.

Winning design awards is not my goal. (They’re lovely, and I have a few, but that’s not what this  is about!) And neither is forcing my views on you, or overspending your budget.

This is about getting bang for your buck, demanding more home for your money, and getting it right. Simply and with confidence.

In 2013, I had a big year. Personally and professionally. It started with a personal tragedy, and culminated with a trip to Uganda to meet people courageously (and against all odds) ending their own hunger and poverty.

I saw, in person, what happens when you educate and empower someone to believe things can be different. That they can change, and be in charge of their own journey. That they can have a say, and make a difference, and reach a different destination.

It certainly put my own life in perspective.

I came back home to my hubby and 3 small children. I looked at all our dreams we had been delaying because we weren’t ready … financially, career-wise, personally. I looked at the business I was a co-owner of, and questioned if it was creating a path I wanted to be on. And I looked at myself, and all the excuses I was creating for not living the life I really wanted to …

A family-centred, flexible life, where I was really making a difference to how people live in – and beyond – their homes.

Living in a way that would make a big dent on how Australians create, and live in their homes, and also enable me to be the wife and mum I wanted to be.

Needless to say, things had to change.

 Within a week of my return, I told my business partners (who were also dear friends of 12 years) that I would be leaving our business.

My hubby and I sold our third renovation project – a 100m2 home we turned into a 400m2 home (and had almost keeled over in the process).

We decided to make our dream a reality. To move to the Byron Hinterland. To slow life down. To have space and time and togetherness.

And I created Undercover Architect. To bring change, education and empowerment to the way Australians create and transform their homes.

This is my hope and dream for you – to have a home that inspires you, restores you, and supports you being the best version of you.

And that we live in streets, neighbourhoods and communities where everyone’s homes are doing just this.

I’m passionate about design and the difference it can make to your life. With two decades in residential architecture, a few awards and a truckload of houses under my belt, I want to make it simpler for you.

I have, with my husband, designed, created and built our own home renos for the past decade. Each of my 3 young children learnt to climb ladders before they walked. We’ve lived in construction sites we called ‘home’, and I know firsthand the stress, chaos, frustration, exhilaration and satisfaction of home building and renovating.

As co-founder of DC8 Studio, a Senior Associate at Mirvac Design, and with experience in architectural firms in Sydney, London and Brisbane …

I know how to create homes that work, are beautiful, on all budgets, and that their owners love to live in.

Teaching you, guiding you, empowering you and designing for you … it’s what I love to do! Let me help you create a home that makes your life better.

Head here to start planning your future home. Undercover Architect is your secret ally.

Undercover Architect supports The Hunger Project. Amelia has been a Director on the Qld Devt Board, and continues to invest funds to support their amazing work.

When I’m not helping homeowners, writing, or up to my ears in yellow trace, I’m hanging out with this crazy crew at our home in the Byron Hinterland.

And planning our next renovation…

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