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Undercover Architect is the award-winning online resource to help you learn how to design, build or renovate your home.

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I’m Amelia Lee, the architect behind Undercover Architect. Over the last 20 plus years, I’ve trained professionally, and built extensive experience through countless projects – clients’ and my own.

Renovating and building can be a disaster-filled, stressful ride. But disaster does not have to be your story. Not when you get prepared and get the right guidance and knowledge for your project.

Through the blog, the “Get it Right” podcast, and online programs and memberships, Undercover Architect is the online resource to learn how to create your future home – and get it right.

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Undercover Architect helps over 5,000 homeowners like you plan their future home each week. Get your FREE Project Planning E-Guide plus more info to save time, money and stress >>

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