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Read this before hiring friends or family for your renovation or new home

If you’re planning on using friends or family as builders or tradespeople, here’s a word of warning. Watch this video to find out. And here’s the transcript, if you prefer

Your second living space | Do you really need it, and how to get it right

  21.03.2017   Amelia   Design, Podcast   2 Comments

This episode is about the second living space or room in our homes. It goes by lots of different names, and most homeowners planning a renovation or new home want

3 Mistakes to Avoid with Soil Tests

What’s a soil test? Why do you need one before renovating or building your new home? And what are the 3 mistakes I see homeowners make that can cause extra

Living and Dining Rooms | How to design a great space for your lifestyle

  14.03.2017   Amelia   Design, Podcast   2 Comments

The question we’re asking today is: How do we make great living and dining rooms in our new or renovated home?  We spend a huge amount of our time in

Designing a Slow Home with Amelia Lee and Brooke McAlary of Slow Your Home

Are you interested in Slow Home design? And bringing your own personal ‘why’ to how your home is designed, and how it helps you live? This conversation may be for

Getting quotes for your renovation or new home | When should you do it?

How and when should you get your renovation or new home project quoted?  The saying goes that renovating and building costs twice as much and takes twice as long as