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As you can imagine, I receive lots of questions from homeowners about their homes and projects. I am unable to reply to each one individually. However, if the answer to your question is something I think can help many homeowners, I may blog about it, or post a response on Undercover Architect’s Facebook page.

Undercover Architect is not like most architectural practices, and it’s not for everyone. I work remotely with clients all over Australia, using Skype, email and other technology to help you design, renovate or build your homes. Click here to see how we can work together 1:1 in my package services.

There is a HUGE amount of super useful advice, info and inspiration freely available on the UA blog. I blog weekly, and that’s my commitment to giving every homeowner access to great, expert and professional guidance – whatever your dreams, location or budget.

If you’re wanting more information about how we can work together, see a sample Reno Rescue, Design Audit or Design Concept report, or wanting to provide feedback about Undercover Architect and the blog, please get in touch by filling out this contact form. I’d love to hear from you.

Your Secret Ally,

Amelia, UA x

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