"Home Design Masterclass" is a brand new way to work with me - 1:1 - on the design of your new home or renovation. 

Work with Amelia Lee, Undercover Architect, on the design of your future home

Hi - it's Amelia Lee, from Undercover Architect. 

As well as teaching homeowners how to get it right in their renovation or new home, I've worked in the architectural industry for over 20 years, on over 250 projects (mostly family homes). 

My boutique design business, Design by Amelia Lee, is always fully booked months (and months) in advance. 

And I know this disappoints those of you who get in touch with me wanting help, or feel you can't budget for the full-Design-by-Amelia-Lee service.  

So, I have some super exciting news!

Whether you're ...  

  • starting your design soon
  • tinkering yourself by DIY-ing your design
  • working with a draftsperson, or directly with a builder on your design
  • having a building designer or architect create your design  

... and want my help to get that design right (and fast), in a super affordable way ... I'm working on something to help you right now. 

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