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Spotlight: Bringing coastal lifestyle back into a 1990’s Henley home

What happens when you love the location, but not necessarily the look of your coastal home? Can you breathe new style into a 1990s, dated home? Certain home styles have

How to spend and stay on track in your project budget

Is it possible to stay on budget during your renovation or new build, especially whilst you’re spending your budget on construction? There are 3 key strategies I recommend for those

Spotlight: Renovating for a family of boisterous boys

Renovating a home with three growing boys and a husband that is away from home for work brings certain requirements. Entertaining in a relaxed and comfortable way becomes imperative. As

How and when to get cost information for your renovation or new home

How do you cost your project? And when should you find out the cost of your new build or renovation? There are 7 steps to know – read on to

Spotlight: A New Home in the Hills

This New Home Concept Spotlight created a new home design for a family in this bush location. They’re seeking relaxation, flexibility and a healthy home. The homeowners and their land

What to do if you realise your budget is unrealistic

What do you do if you realise your budget is unrealistic for your renovation or new home project? Have you realised your budget is unrealistic for your project? Here’s the