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The top 5 mistakes people make when building or renovating their home

Want to know the top 5 mistakes people renovating and building mistakes people make? It can be overwhelming when thinking about how you will build or renovate your home. You’re not

Real families and real homes? Yes. Relevant for you? Possibly not.

Do the magazines show us real homes for real families? Undercover Architect is not so sure – and this is why. I recently went on a trip to Sydney and

The decisions that matter when you design a home

What really matters when you design a home? And how do you know what to pay attention to? Read more here … I recently received a beautiful testimonial from some

Andersons Project Update #05

Clare and Darren begin working with UA on the design of their home … So last time we got a great snapshot, in Clare’s words, of where things were at,

Andersons Project Update #04

Clare gives us an update and great insight to her experience so far … in her words. Each fortnight, I send Clare and Darren a set of questions that they

Jodie builds a house

Jodie built a new 4 bedroom home. Want to know her top 5 tips she learnt along the way? Read more … She describes her home as “four bedroom, split