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Review of Ausbuild’s Ellison 31

Here is a review of Ausbuild’s Ellison 31 home, what site orientation it suits, and how it could be improved overall. Before I start … why review floor plans? The

How do you design a new home or renovation when your best view is in the wrong direction?

How do you design a new home or renovation? Especially when your orientation isn’t ideal – or your best view is in the wrong direction (to the south, or west)?

Building a project home? Don’t forget this important factor when choosing yours …

Are you planning to build a project home? There’s an important thing to know first before you choose which one you want – and it will help make your choice

Hi, my name is Amelia and I’m addicted to Instagram …

When I first joined, I quickly got addicted to Instagram. Here’s a collection of 10 images that I shared or swooned over. Are you addicted to instagram too? Around September

Is “Undercover Architect” the worst name for my business?

I received feedback recently (from someone whose opinion I really respect in matters such as these) that perhaps “Undercover Architect” isn’t really the best name for my business.  Crap.  The feedback was

What’s 2014 looked and felt like for you? And what’s your plan for 2015?

Join Undercover Architect as we wrap up what 2014 has looked like, and how we’re planning for the next year ahead. What are your new year rituals? One final blog,