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Jodie builds a house

Jodie built a new 4 bedroom home. Want to know her top 5 tips she learnt along the way? Read more … She describes her home as “four bedroom, split

Andersons Project Update #03

Is it possible to build a custom design at a project home price? It is, and this is how. So, in my last update, Clare and Darren were surfing the display

Andersons Project Update #02

Clare and Darren have found some land, and we weigh up 2 Project Home plans by Ausbuild and Plantation as options for their home. In my last post, it is

Andersons Project Update #01

If you’re choosing a block of land or a builder, this update from the Andersons’ Project Diary will help you learn what to look for to get it right. So

Andersons Project Update | Let’s meet the family

Meet the Anderson family. They’ve decided to build a new home. There are 5 of them – Clare and Darren, and their 3 kids aged 6 and under.  They also have

Are you building a house? Or creating a home (and the life it will help you live)?

How do you want to create your home? And the life it helps you lead? I want to empower you to build a better future for yourself and your family.