How to get what you want in your project | Communication Before You Build

How can you get what you want in your project, and ensure that everyone who works with you is clear on what this is?

Projects can go completely off the rails because of the failure to use one tool well.

What is this tool, and how do you get it right? That’s what this podcast episode is about.

I want to take a moment to deep dive into one key area that can be the cause of loads of challenges in your renovation or new build.

I’m not overstating it, when I tell you that this one thing can be at the heart of most building disputes, errors and costly mistakes. In fact, a lot of serious litigation cases can be credited to this one thing failing or missing.

So what is it? This one, crucial tool?


When it’s done well, it helps projects run smoothly, achieve great outcomes and create homes that are a joy to live in.

And when it’s not. Well, it’s how projects unravel, money and time is wasted, loads of stress is caused as well, and the whole experience of renovating or building made awful.

When you build or renovate your home, there are so many moving parts to pull together. Different team members, different ideas, decisions, processes … boxes to tick, rules to satisfy, budgets to meet …

And in the middle of all of that will be you, and anyone else in your family who gets a say, figuring out what you want from your finished home – and how to bring it to life.

That’s the sometimes-hilarious-sometimes-frustrating thing isn’t it? Not only do you have to get it right in communicating your vision to those helping you design and build it. You also have to get on the same page as your partner, or your family members, in actually creating that vision in the first place!

No wonder it can get hairy sometimes.

So, in this episode and the next, I take you through some of the most important elements of communication for your project, and how to use them successfully to get great results, and save yourself headaches along the way.

And then in the third episode of this interlude, I share some of the key mistakes I see people make, so you can avoid those too.

What are the first 3 Communication tools? They are:

  1. Your team
  2. Your brief
  3. Your language

Listen to the podcast now to learn more about these first 3 Communication tools so you can get it right.

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