Get Started: What do you and your family need from your home (now and in the future)

In this episode, I’ll be helping you answer the last question, which is “What do you, and your family, actually need from your home – now and into the future?”

This may seem like a repeat of the first question from Episode 1, but stay with me here …

Australia has the largest average home size in the world. Yes, that’s right. Bigger than our USA counterparts. And it’s climbed quickly.

In 1984, the average size of an Australian home was 162.2m2. In 2012-2013 ABS figures, this had jumped to 241.1m2. And our families haven’t got any bigger – in actual fact they’ve got much smaller.

We all want more. The world of home ownership is littered with images to seduce us into wanting more and more from our homes. It’s also human condition to strive to improve and achieve. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, when you really determine what you need to create a home that works for you, chances are you’ll find it’s actually pretty simple. And this is what I know, from the countless homeowners I speak to and work with, most homeowners want from their home …

  • Space to be together.
  • Space to be apart.
  • Lots of natural light.
  • Heat and warmth when you need it, and cooling breezes when you need those.
  • Flexibility, functionality and durability.
  • Comfort
  • Somewhere to be proud of, to show all your hard work
  • And a home that supports you living your best life – because it doesn’t tax you, stress you, or get in the way of you being awesome.

This isn’t about having less – it’s about simplifying.

Keeping this front and centre as you move along your journey will help you navigate the noise and distractions. It will lead you to the home that is perfect for you.

Head to the podcast now to get this question answered for your home.

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