Online resources to help with important design choices

This is Episode 6 of Season 1.

This episode will give you some free and low cost online resources to help with designing your home for your climate, and the movement of the sun. As well as some others to get you started on your project.

Only a couple of these resources are Australia only, and most can be used globally.

These online resources and apps will help with:

  • Understanding more about your local climate and how to design for it
  • Getting specific information about the movement of the sun over your home or site
  • Using the 4 special days each year to provide information to make your home better
  • Creating floor plans of your existing home
  • Designing new floor plans and experimenting with your project
  • Seeking inspiration and ideas for your renovation or new home
  • Keeping track of all your ideas and information in a digital filing system
  • Also managing your budget and expenses for your project – even on the go
  • Keeping track of all of your online communication and tasks for your project

Listen to the podcast now for some seriously helpful tools, apps and online resources to make your home great, and help with those important decisions as you design your renovation or new home.

This is the list of resources and apps I speak about in the podcast episode. It also includes links to them, and tutorials to use them (where applicable).

Online Resources and Apps to help you get started

Resources to help you design for your climate

Your Home: Australia’s Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes >>> CLICK HERE

Check out the date of the 4 days you need to know to get your design right >>> CLICK HERE

Sunseeker 3D Augmented Reality App

    • App on itunes >>> CLICK HERE
    • App on Google Play >>> CLICK HERE
    • watch the video to see how to use the app on your iphone, ipad or android

Resources to help you create floor plans (existing and concept ideas)

Floor Planner: You can get the Basic level for free, and upgrade from there >>> CLICK HERE

Magic Plan:

RoomScan: App on itunes >>> CLICK HERE

Resources for design inspiration

Resources to stay organised

  • Evernote >>> CLICK HERE
  • Pinterest (check out Undercover Architect for a structure idea) >>> CLICK HERE

Resources for setting your budget and keeping it on track

Resources for free email addresses


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