The most important thing to know when designing your home

This is Episode 1 of Season 1. This season I’m going to be taking you through what matters most.

What are the most essential choices when designing your home?

And in this first episode of the season, I’ll be diving into the very first choice – the most important thing to know – to make your home great. Whatever your dreams, your location or your budget.

Today’s episode is going to bring immediate clarity to you as you design, renovate or build your home. And I mean immediate. It’s a big promise isn’t it? It’s not one I make lightly!

This is largely because of this fact: renovating and building aren’t one big decision or choice. They’re a series of choices made one after the other.

At any point, you may have 2 options, or 20 options, or 200 options. This is the thing I hear regularly – the difficulty that homeowners have in knowing what to choose in these myriad of options.

What if, instead, you could know the most important thing to prioritise? The first choice to make in your design that will make every subsequent choice simpler and streamline your design overall?

There are lots of reasons why knowing this most important thing will help you in designing your home:
1. You can design a home that suits your specific location and site
2. You can design a home that supports your well-being
3. You can design a home that costs you less in the future
4. You can design a home that gets its Building Approval more simply
5. You can design a home that’s good for the planet
6. You can avoid wasting space that you’re paying for anyway
7. You can simplify your design choices, and make your project easier, and life less stressful

What is this one important thing to know?

To learn it, and unlock some super useful information for your project, listen to the podcast now.

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