How to stop budget blowouts before you’ve even begun

Homeowners can overlook key information: items that can blow their budget before they’ve begun. Want to know what they are and how to avoid them?

These are the early mistakes, the missed items. And in doing so, you can miss the opportunity it gives you to be strategic in your project. And, potentially set yourself up for extra costs or cancelled projects.

I recommend that you wrap your head, and your budget, around these things as early in your project as you can. Because doing it early can impact the choices you make about how you renovate or build your home. And about how you create your home design.

So what are these early items that get missed by many?

Well, if you’re renovating, it’s how you deal with what needs to occur to your home as part of its maintenance and upkeep anyway.

And if you’re building, it’s how you deal with what needs to happen to prepare your land for a new home.

In this episode, I explain how to use early information in your renovation project to impact what and how you renovate. And to bring clarity to your overall budget, and strategic thinking to your decisions and choices.

And I also explain how to investigate the land you’ll be building on, to see what it can tell you about how to build, what to build and how to save money doing it.

Listen to the episode now, as I share what can go wrong, and what you can do instead. This information can help you make those first steps in your project far more confidently. And can prevent big budget blowouts that derail and kill projects altogether.

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