The first conversation to have with your potential designer or builder

How do you have that first conversation with your potential designer or builder when you’re choosing the best one for your project?

Especially when you fear that telling them too much will mean everything costs more than you planned. That they’ll rip you off, misled, and take advantage of your lack of knowledge?

When you’re first starting out on your project, you’re generally looking for a designer or a builder (or both). And ultimately you’re trying to find someone you can trust, and who is a good fit for your project.

It can be tricky to know how much to say, and whether to admit you don’t know what you’re doing. This episode is all about how to have that first conversation with your potential designer or builder.

I share what goes wrong when you don’t choose well, and what can go right. And I also give key tips for how to speak with them when first on the hunt for yours.

I think that when you understand what can go wrong, and what it looks like when you get it right, it helps you be more alert and aware in your search for your team at the outset.

When you find the right designer and builder for you, these two professionals can be the ones to facilitate a great outcome for your project, and help you create a home you love to live in.

Finding the right designer for you:

What can go wrong:

  1. Not be able to communicate effectively
  2. You’ll take a long time to reach a design resolution
  3. The designer will overspend your budget and timelines

What happens when you get it right:

  1. Process overall will be simplified
  2. It will also be more efficient
  3. You’ll have more certainty around cost and time

Tips for how to have the first conversation with your potential designer:

  1. Speak about your budget in ranges
  2. Let them know what the budget needs to include
  3. Look to designers with demonstrated experience in projects similar to yours

And finding the right builder for you:

What can go wrong:

  1. You expect your builder to be a designer as well
  2. Communication breakdowns occur
  3. Poor management and quality in your project

What happens when you get it right:

  1. The builder is efficient, polite and organised
  2. Site is a great place to be
  3. Honest and open communication skills

Tips for how to have the first conversation with your potential builder:

  1. Review the language you use
  2. Check previous experience
  3. Check credentials and licenses

When it goes well with your design and builder – and it can – your reno or new home project can be enjoyable. Even when unexpected challenges come up, having the right team around you can make those experiences so much simpler to tackle.

And relying on your team to carry you, support you and share your journey, can help you feel confident that all the effort, time and money will deliver the home – and lifestyle – you’re hoping for.

Listen to the podcast now to hear great tips to help you in choosing your designer or builder – and finding the best fit for you, your project and your budget.

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