How to Set and Stay on Your Budget | An Introduction

Want to know how to set your budget, and stay on track when you’re designing, building or renovating your home?

That’s what Season 03 of the “Get it Right” podcast is all about. How to Set (and Stay on) Your Budget. Tune in to this episode, hear some exciting news, and I’ll also share with you what I’ll be covering in the coming season.

Over the years I’ve been working with homeowners, I’ve often them asked this question …

“What are you most afraid of when renovating or building your home? What makes you most nervous, causes the most stress and brings about that feeling of overwhelm?”

The answer to this gets delivered in different ways. Sometimes with tears, and sometimes with hearty chuckles. Sometimes with quiet whispers like it’s something they don’t want to admit. But it always (and I mean ALWAYS) the response is similar.

There are a few main fears and this one generally jumps out first. This is what you tell me:

  • You’re nervous about what it will cost you to renovate or build or home
  • Can you afford to do what you want to do, this dream you have in your head (and heart) about your future home?
  • How can you know you can start and won’t blow your budget along the way, and
  • How do you avoid being taken advantage of due to your lack of knowledge … being ripped off … being made a fool of … or making expensive mistakes.

These fears are understandable and totally justifiable. For every story of a successful renovation or building project, there’s a disaster story as well. One where homeowners have overspent by huge amounts sometimes. And we’re often talking about sums of money we’re borrowing from the bank, or have spent a long time saving or earning.

And, of course this fear is real because when you stuff it up at this scale, the consequences can be far reaching … financially, mentally, emotionally. It can impact so many areas of your lifestyle and your life – and those that you share it with.

In this podcast episode, I share the 3 main animal types (!) that homeowners can turn into when navigating this fear during their projects. And what goes wrong when they do.

And, I also ask you to flip your thinking about your project budget … in a way that can fundamentally change the journey, and the outcome you create in your finished home.

Listen to the episode now, and you’ll hear more about what’s coming up in this Season 3 of the “Get it Right” podcast, and how it will help you if you’re building or renovating.

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Kiiko LED is founded by Craig Thomas, who I’ve personally had the pleasure of working with for over 12 years now, in my own projects, and in client projects.

And so, with Kiiko LED, I’ve been able to organise with a fantastic offer for the UA Community.

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  • cP
    May 30, 2017, 8:31 pm  Reply

    This looks great Amelia.
    I’d love a black strip light hanging over island bench.
    Would love advice on what type of light warm/cool/third option I cant recall!

    • Amelia
      May 30, 2017, 8:37 pm

      Hi CP,
      It’s a great product. I prefer warm LED lights in family homes personally. The third option is if you want it to change colours (which may be fun for a while, but possibly not that functional in a kitchen he he). Feel free to touch base with Kiiko LED though – you can chat to them in the Brisbane office, and also organise getting black powdercoat on the aluminium channel. It would be stunning 🙂
      – Amelia, UA x

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