Designing a Slow Home with Amelia Lee and Brooke McAlary of Slow Your Home

Are you interested in Slow Home design? And bringing your own personal ‘why’ to how your home is designed, and how it helps you live?

This conversation may be for you … Brooke McAlary of Slow Your Home and Jackrabbit.fm and I talked on her podcast about how to bring “slow” to your home through design, building and renovation.

From Brooke and Ben’s “The Slow Home Podcast” / blog (written by Brooke):

“Given the name of this podcast, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Ben and I often talk about the idea of creating a slow home – that is, a home that works for you, dependant on your lifestyle, circumstance and priorities. So often we talk about this in really broad terms though, not necessarily getting in to the nitty-gritty practicalities of what a slow home actually looks like.

So this week we decided to go deep in to the question of home, and specifically, what does the ‘home’ part of a slow home really look like? How does the idea of slow impact the spaces in which we spend so much of our down-time? How can we adopt those ideas into the building we live in now, or the building we may live in in the future?

It was a complete no-brainer for me to speak with Amelia Lee about this topic, as Amelia is someone who walks the slow home walk. She’s an architect based in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland, who helps people create homes that support the life they want to live, rather than create houses that require a life-support in order to exist, and what’s more, she’s been on her own journey towards intentional living for the past few years and understands better than most the impact it can have on the spaces we live in.

Today we talk about the philosophy of Slow Home design and why mindfulness and intention should be the cornerstones of the home we create. We also talk about Amelia’s personal journey towards intentional living and how a trip to Uganda proved the pivotal point for her in recognising the excess in her own life and society in general, as well as what that meant for her fast-growing architecture firm.

The idea of a Slow Home – one that is simple to live in and light on the environment – is something Amelia and I discuss in depth, including ways you can incorporate the idea of a slow home in to both your current house, or any future home.”

You can listen to the podcast here …

Check out after listening:

I can really encourage you to read Brooke’s latest book “Destination Simple” too … it’s a beautiful, honest and actionable guide to simplifying your life >>> HEAD HERE

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