How to include a study nook, study or home office in your home design

Listen to this episode to learn how to get it right in your study nooks, studies and home offices.

Creating a study nook, study or home office, where this work can occur in a semi-uninterrupted way, can help with family sanity overall.

I know personally I’ve run businesses from our dining table, and it’s not fun for general family life. So if you’re renovating or building, it can be a simple inclusion to provide a space or room for work in your home, and improve your lifestyle overall.

Our lives are busy. And whilst we do what we can to bring intention and quiet into them where possible, and focus on one thing at a time … sometimes we are juggling. Often we are juggling. And this seems to be most true in how we balance work and family life in our homes.

We find the edges can get a little blurred. So that means that we’re bringing work home. Or we’re building businesses from home.

And with kids growing through school and university, they’re also studying at home and needing space to do it.

As parents, and often working parents, trying to combine all these activities with everyday family life can be challenging. And it can be critical to give everyone the space and quiet to focus on their work when needed, in order for our homes to work well.

I’ll start with the four F’s and how they relate to study nooks, studies and home offices.

The top 3 mistakes I’ll share are:

Mistake #1:         poor furniture planning in the study

Mistake #2:         forgetting storage and space for all the other things that need to go in a home office or study

Mistake #3:         forgetting a place for a printer

There are also lots of design tips. Here are the top 3:

Design tip #1:      your power points don’t all need to be down at skirting board height

Design tip #2:      provide seating alternatives to your desk chair

Design tip #3:      if sound separation is a big issue for you and working from home, consider extra insulation in your home office.

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