Wardrobes, linens, laundries and mudrooms

In this episode, I talk about wardrobes, linens, laundries and mudrooms. I also cover walk-in robes and other storage such as broom cupboards.

These spaces can be important to get right for a home to work well, so let’s learn more.

Firstly, I talk about the four Fs upfront, and get through them quite quickly.

Then, I tackle each of these spaces individually, and share some key mistakes and design tips for each. And in each I talk about where to locate it in your home, and how to connect it to other spaces and rooms so it works as conveniently as possible.

Because convenience is what these spaces are ALL about. When you get it right in these rooms and spaces … when you nail how they work functionally … then it not only assists you in your home. It makes life simpler for everyone, and is a serious sanity saver in family homes.

This is the list of rooms and spaces I talk about in this episode:

Firstly, wardrobes. So these are built-in robes that are a fixed object in a room – and usually a bedroom.

Then there’s walk-in robes. These are little (or big) rooms for storing clothing. They’ll sometimes be more like a dressing room, with an ottoman or something similar in the middle.

Next, there’s linen cupboards. So these are for storing sheets, towels, blankets, and other types of items required for our beds and our homes. They can also be general storage for other things.

There’s also broom cupboards. These are generally similar to linen cupboards, with less shelving in them, so you can have space for vertical items such as brooms and mops.

Then, I talk about two rooms … mud rooms and laundries. These rooms can be two separate ones in different parts of your home from each other. They can also be right next door to each other, or combined into the same space. Another name for a mudroom is a boot room.

Listen to the podcast now, and learn how to get it right in your wardrobes, linen, laundry and mudroom.

And if you want to learn more about how to design your home, I’ve created a special (and free!) e-guide for you. It’s called “How to Design a Home: 5 Simple Steps to Getting it Right”.


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