The assets that add design value for free

Want to know more about the assets that add design value for free to your new home or renovation?

This is Episode 7 of Season 1.

In this episode, I share some of the other assets you have available that can add great design value to your home. At no cost to you. It’s simply about knowing what they are, and choosing them first in your design.

So much of designing for new homes or renovation is about unlocking what is possible. About understanding the potential for your home and land, and enhancing it. About realising the potential of the natural assets and enhancing what’s already freely available. Bringing these natural assets to the fore so they can make your home and your land really enjoyable. Which in turn, enhances the quality of your everyday life.

So what are these natural assets for your home and land? And how can you maximise them as an asset, or minimise them if they’re a drawback?

These natural assets exist in all locations … from the most rural to the most urban. And they can be optimised to enhance the quality of your home. They are:

  • Sunlight
  • Shade
  • Breezes
  • Landscape
  • Views
  • Privacy

These are all things that can and do exist naturally in a home and site. And not all designs make the most of them or do them well.

This podcast episode will take you through these one by one, and show you how to get it right for your home.

Listen to the podcast now to learn how to get this right and add value to your design for free. Unlock the potential of what is already available to you, your site and your home.

Online Resources to help you get identify these assets for your site and home

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