Bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms

This episode is about the wet areas in our home, namely bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms.

These are cost intensive areas in our home. They, as well as our kitchens, will have the highest cost rate in $ / m2 compared with the rest of the home (when looking at your project overall). This is of course because of the electrical, the plumbing, the finishes, and the fixtures in these rooms, all crammed into quite a small area.

These rooms also need to function – in some pretty core and fundamental ways!

When your bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms aren’t arranged well … When elements in them aren’t sized appropriately … And when these rooms sit in difficult positions within our homes … They can seriously impact the convenience of daily routines.

In this episode, I’ll get clear on the terminology used for these rooms, and what generally goes in each of them.

Then, of course, we’ll explore the four F’s and how they relate to your bathroom, ensuite and powder room.

And I’ll share 3 mistakes and 3 design tips.

There are some general pieces of advice that apply whether we’re considering the bathroom, ensuite or powder room. And then there’s info that is specific to particular rooms. So whilst this episode relates to all 3 of these rooms, I’ll identify some things to know with each room, individually.

The top 3 mistakes I’ll share are:

Mistake #1:         the toilet is visible with the door open (and is the first thing you see)

Mistake #2:         locating your powder room so it’s directly accessed off your main hallway

Mistake #3:         not planning the location of the towel rail during design

There are also lots of design tips. Here are the top 3:

Design tip #1:      locate your vanity so it’s the first thing you see

Design tip #2:      ensure you give the bath enough room … (whether it’s free standing or built in)

Design tip #3:      choose your tile extents and types early, as it impacts your budget

It may feel like there’s a lot to think of, but next time you’re sitting in your bathroom, look around and make a list of all the things that are permanently fixed in there. There is a lot packed into a relatively small area.

It all needs to function well, be durable and easy to clean and maintain, in order for your wet areas to not cause you issues. So of course, planning these things early will make your process simpler overall.

Listen to the podcast now, and learn how to get it right in your bathroom, ensuite and powder room.

And if you want to learn more about how to design your home, I’ve created a special (and free!) e-guide for you. It’s called “How to Design a Home: 5 Simple Steps to Getting it Right”.


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