Creating Spaciousness: Great Storage

Great storage is key to creating a spacious home, and saving your sanity everyday. How do you design in great storage? Here’s simple tips to get it right.

This is Episode 10 of Season 1.

In this episode, I share how great storage create spaciousness. This is the third tool we have in our toolkit to create spaciousness in our homes. (Have you listened to the other two tools we’ve learnt about so far? Here’s how to use volume, and here’s how to use light.)

Storage can be fundamental in creating a physical sense of spaciousness. However, it is also key in creating mental spaciousness. That sense of calm that comes from feeling organised because there’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

The aim is to design our homes to support us, and our lifestyles, all the time. Especially at those hectic moments of the day that test the calm in any family home.

Did you know, many homeowners move house due to a lack of storage in their homes?

This isn’t only about decluttering. This is about creating storage solutions that improve the management of your everyday life. It’s the streamlining of our daily routines to make life more convenient, and our homes more relaxing. How you design your home can make this happen.

In this podcast, I share 3 specific design inclusions to consider in your new home or renovation. I also highlight 5 great tips to consider when sizing and designing storage for your home. These will help you get it right – without overdoing it and spending more than you need to.

Listen to the podcast now, and look forward to dramatically transforming how calm and peaceful your home (and you) will feel – regardless of how big it is. This is how to make your home your sanctuary.

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